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Though trained in traditional metalsmithing methods, Susan has departed from conventional jewelry and creates one-of-a-kind work. Sometimes intuitive and sometimes realistic, her art is based on the exploration of forms, techniques, and the juxtaposition of materials. Her inspiration comes from her personal philosophy and Norwegian roots, often using boats as form and imagery.


Using sheet metal, wire, gemstones, and found objects, Susan uses both traditional and experimental techniques of goldsmithing and silversmithing in her work.


The enameling process fuses glass on metal. Cloisonné is a technique of enameling using thin wire separators that originated in Egypt before 1800 B.C. Susan has specialized in the cloisonné technique since 1980, using fine gold, fine silver and vitreous enamel.



“Historic boats are fascinating because they have been used for exploration, conquering enemies, transporting contraband, fishing, trade, recreation, and sometimes spiritual journeys…..some have met with disastrous ends. Fortunes have been lost and also found. Historic boats reflect their designers, their owners and how they were used and cared for…each having a personality and meaning unique to itself.”

In the 1990’s, Susan began her series of Antique Boats using 24K gold and fine silver cloisonné to celebrate these fabulous vessels.



In the 1990’s, Precious Metal Clay™ , a new material made of silver particles, an organic binder and water was developed by Mitsubishi Materials Corp. in Japan. It changes the way one thinks about metal and inspires new possibilities in jewelry making. Susan began using PMC in 1998 and continues to experiment with the material and develop her own techniques.


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